Donations to POPS are used to fund grants to the Wellesley Public Schools Performing Arts programs.

The form for applying for Grants as well as our Grant Guidelines are located on our ​
Forms/Information page under Member Pages.

2022-23 POPS Grants and Donations:

 African talking drum, Autoharp, triangle holders, instrumental materials (Upham)
Portable PA system (Fiske)
Healthy voices workshops (Elementary schools)
Speakers. monitors, stands, mixer (WHS Rock Band)

In addition to grants, POPS also provides:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provisions for PA staff, student groups and volunteers
Assistance to the drama performance bundles
Ice cream socials around performance times
Choral attire financial assistance
Flowers and thank you gifts for PA teachers and staff during performance times
End of year PA banquet celebration gifts for seniors
POPS sponsored senior and underclass PA awards/scholarships

2020 POPS Grants and Donations: $43,882

 Long Term Fund Contribution: $14,027  

PA Department Discretionary Fund: $1817

Spring Grant Cycle:  $28,038 funded the following:

 2 French Horns (WMS Band Program)
Piano (WHS Orchestra)
Keyboard and Amplifier (WMS Jazz Band)
Instrument Purchases (K-5 Schools)
New Lighting and Related Equipment (WMS Auditorium)
Workshop for Drama Students (WMS)
Professional Development (K-12 Schools)

2019 POP Grants $51,500

​Microphones (WHS)
Wenger music stands and cart (Bates)
Choral risers (WHS)
Storage units for instruments (Schofield)
Redcat audio system (WMS)
Violin, viola and cello (WHS & WMS)
Guest choreographer and workshop with a performing group  (WHS)
Guest instructor to work with 6th and 8th graders (WMS)
Funds for professional development in all of the K-12 schools (All K-12 schools)

2018 POP Grants $37,000

Guest Choreographer (Footnotes)
Instrument Repair Funds (Wellesley PA Department)
Four wireless communication headsets (WHS)
Lights (WMS) 
rolling cart (Hunnewell)
bass drum & stand, snare drum, cart, temple blocks (Hunnewell)
Production funds (WHS Rice Street)
Baritone saxophone (WMS)
Bassoon (WMS) 

2017 POP Grants $20,000

French Horn, Six Rolling Stands (Fiske)
Guest Choreographer Fee (Footnotes, WHS/WMS Dance)
Guest Performance Group Fee (Footnotes, WHS/WMS Dance)
Four Martin Rush Moving Head Light Fixtures (WHS)
Audio and Video bundle for Black Box (WHS)
Audio and Video Recording Set for Babson Auditorium (WHS)
Partial Funding for Backstage Headsets (WHS)
Annual stipend for Classroom Materials (all WPS PA teachers)

2016 POP Grants $20,186.43

Baritone Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone  (Partially funded by donations made in honor of Wellesley High School student Vic Klenk)
Instrument Microphones for Wellesley High School and Wellesley Middle School band and orchestra
Djembe, Conga, Tambourines, and Drum Sticks for Wellesley Middle School
Keyboard, Stand and Bench for Wellesley High School
Annual stipend to every K-12 Performing Arts teacher for classroom materials

2015 Pops Grants

New Wenger Music Stands and storage carts for five Elementary Schools
Four rolling percussion tables for Wellesley High School
Lighting Materials for WHS to support the Wellesley High School and Wellesley Middle School Dance programs
Guest Artist Program – Robinson Pyle, Boston Baroque sang with the WHS Orchestra
Annual Stipend to every K-12 Performing Arts teacher for classroom materials

2014 Pops Grants

Replacement Clavinova piano for Upham
10 Wireless microphones and associated equipment to be shared by WMS and WHS
CD players and recording camera for WMS choral department
50 Wegner chairs for WMS band and orchestra
Materials for WMS woodshop to make a platform needed for Fiske 5th grade chorus rehearsals